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Here are some frequently asked questions

Where is the Plexus office based?
Our office address is Calverley House, 55 Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2TU. Tunbridge Wells Railway Station is approximately 500 meters away. There is parking available nearby. Most clients have not visited our offices, as we visit them.
Do you provide one-off assistance?
Depending on the nature of the issue and our workload at the time, we may be able to provide one-off support and assistance. Where this is for a small project that is planned then we are more likely to be able to work this into our schedule. Where this is a one-off crisis it is far more difficult to respond. However, it’s worth asking as we may be able to provide advice and help you overcome the issue more quickly, even if we are not able to take full responsibility for problem resolution.
Which geography do you cover?
Our customers range from businesses in Tunbridge Wells and neighbouring towns, spreading out across Kent, Sussex and Surrey. We also have several clients in London, and further afield. Our remote support service means that we can extend even further afield, especially to remote branches of our clients.
What is an ideal client for Plexus?
An ideal client, where we are able to add significant value, will meet several of the following criteria: • Based in Kent or the South East of England • 5-50 people and £250k- 5m turnover • in a position to grow revenue and profit • view IT as a strategy business resource • not yet able to employ a Strategic IT Director
What size businesses does Plexus support?
Most of our clients are owner-managed businesses ranging from 5-50 people and £250k- 5m turnover. Businesses of this size need reliable IT for communication and data storage, and to support customers, marketing, sales, production and other functions. However at this size they cannot justify a full-time IT Director, and the breadth of skills needed, which is where Plexus comes in.
What is your track record of keeping clients?
Several of our clients have been relying on Plexus for IT Strategy advice and Support for over 10 years. We get to know our clients, deliver a quality service and develop very effective relationships at many levels, from business owner and directors down. Partnerships like this are the ones we are keen to create and develop. Take a look at the testimonials on this website.
What sectors do you work with?
At Plexus we support and advise businesses in most sectors – from Creative Marketing Agencies to Electrical Resellers and wholesalers, from Health and Beauty Centres to Hydro Power designers. The common thread is that they have multiple needs, from IT Strategy to IT Operations and Support, and Head Office to Remote workforce Systems.
What certificates or qualifications do you have?
We are committed to having skills and procedures that add value to our clients. We have recently invested significantly to attain ISO 27001 which is an internationally recognised IT security standard.
What clients departments do you work with?
We usually work with Business Owners on IT Strategy and Business Continuity projects and with department heads for applications and integration covering marketing, sales, production, customer services, finance and HR. We also work alongside IT people, bringing extra resource and capability to help out on specific projects and support needs.
What types of questions do you get?
Quite often the questions we end up answering are not the ones that were asked originally. The value of IT consultancy is to understand the symptoms that are evident and to trace back to identify the root cause. Therefore, not only is the issue resolved, but also the chance of the issue recurring are considerably reduced. For example, a help-desk issue of a system or data being unavailable can have its root cause in security, integration, IT operations or skills area.
What guarantees and risk reduction can you offer?
We have Service Level Agreements with most of our IT Support Contract clients, which provides an effective reference point for both parties. We advise clients on strategies to reduce risk, and improve business continuity, and we follow similar practices to manage our own business, and deliver a high quality, reliable service to our clients.
What type of support do people ask for?

The most frequent support we provide are for IT infrastructure, servers, networks, telecommunications, desktop and laptop computers and smartphones. When an aspect of IT is no longer working it is frequently at the technology level that the problem lies. Sometimes the support requests are because applications are no longer functioning, or the users are unable to get the reports or information they need. And occasionally it’s because people have forgotten how to do something, or the prime person is away and the cover person is unfamiliar with the system.

Do you partner with other organizations?
We have many partnership relationships with organisations who provide Business Applications, IT Infrastructure and Networking. We are part of the Microsoft Small Business Specialist programme and also have relationships with Cloud Application providers.
Do you offer ongoing support contracts?
Our preference is to put in place ongoing support arrangements, as we are able to assess the likely support needs and allocate resources accordingly. This also works well for clients as they can plan and budget accordingly.
What are your core strengths?
Our strengths can be summarised as 3 the P’s – Prevention, Platform and Profit • Reliable IT systems means putting in place the things that Prevent problems occurring, which is about Risk Management. • Reliable IT is no longer about a box and some software, it’s about identifying and implementing the right platform to support the business goals of our clients. • Reliable IT ultimately contributes to the profitability of our clients, helping to reduce overall costs, increase customer service, support marketing and sales and revenue growth. If you need an IT partner to help your business to grow then contact Plexus today.

For more information about our IT support packages for businesses in Kent or Sussex, or and of our other services, please contact us to speak to one of our specialists.

Call us on 01892 440131, email us at [email protected] or contact us below:

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    For more information about our IT support packages or other services, please contact us to speak to one of our specialists.

    Call us on 01892 440131, email us at [email protected] or contact us below:

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