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Business Continuity Solutions in Kent & Sussex

Business Continuity

For the critical applications, what is the risk and impact if the supplier business fails, or if their key staff leave?

How can we reduce the risk of business data being corrupted, lost or stolen?

Having put in place the elements of Business Continuity Management, the key to preventing disasters is to reduce the possibility of exceptional things happening. Developing effective procedures will significantly reduce the chance of disasters, if they are adhered to.

The loss of critical company assets like the data about financial transactions, HR records and customers can have huge implications for cash flow, reputation and sales.

How can we prevent unauthorised use of the applications, and ensure adequate security?

What are the risks of losing physical assets like handheld devices, and the implications?

A major element of disaster prevention is having adequate security. This applies to devices, to applications and to data. It also needs to recognise that the threat can be deliberate or accidental, and can come from inside as well as from outside of the organisation.

When major systems, such as an ecommerce website, dispatch system, customer service or sales application become unavailable for between a few seconds to a few hours there are repercussions.

The way to prevent these from happening is to have well designed procedures for users and systems administrators, and to ensure that they are adhered to. This can be unpalatable, as it can seem rigid and inflexible, especially when there are many fires that need to be extinguished quickly. However, the best long term solution is to prevent the fires happening in the first place. This can be achieved by having stable, reliable IT systems.

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    For more information about our IT support packages or other services, please contact us to speak to one of our specialists.

    Call us on 01892 440131, email us at sales@plexusbusiness.co.uk or contact us below:

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